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The Airline Operations Research Group (AORG) seeks to integrate industry ideas with NASA solutions in order to develop innovative and automated solutions for increasing efficiency and safety in airline operations.
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The Airline Operation Research Group has launched the "NASA Airline Operations Forum". The Airline Operations Forum is a place where NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the airline industry, aeronautics research organizations, and academia can discuss on-going issues in air transportation.
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Image of research Subject in a Vibration Chair FACT is a web-based application that should improve winter weather operations within the Airline Operations Center (AOC) and at airports.

The goal of the FACT project is to gain a better understanding of the effects of winter storms on NAS operations and to develop the knowledge and tools needed to improve efficiency (reduce cancelations and delays).

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The AORG supports the research and development work focused on the airlines, including the airline operations center (AOC) and flight deck.

With the assistance and input of industry members, ideas are gathered by researchers to guide future NASA work in airline systems automation. A network of researchers, developers, and users of airline operations tools are a major resource for future efforts in this domain. The AORG works to collaborate with this network of people in order to develop innovative, automated solutions to support safer and more efficient airline operations thus supporting airline industry technology needs.

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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Richard Mogford
Last Updated: March 10, 2021