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If you would like to use the NASA TLX tool, but do not want to use the iOS app, it is available here in its original paper and pencil format. This tool is just as powerful as the computerized version, and will be just as helpful in your workload analysis. Before you use the scale, however, be sure to download and thoroughly review the instruction manual.

This will ensure that you are using the scale correctly and will allow you to accurately decipher the data you collect. For example, you will find the comparison cards to use in conjunction with the TLX Scale inside the instruction manual.

The NASA TLX tool is “open source”, and is therefore available for immediate use by any person or organization (worldwide). It is not necessary to obtain permission from NASA to use TLX, nor is permission needed to make modifications to the tool itself (i.e. language translation).

NASA TLX Paper and Pencil Version (PDF Format - 12KB)
NASA TLX Paper and Pencil Version Instruction Manual (PDF Format - 7.1MB)
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NASA Official: Brian Gore
Last Updated: June 15, 2022