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The NASA TLX tool has been used world-wide to help researchers evaluate workload in various human-machine systems. To date, there have been many hundreds of studies and publications in which the tool has played an integral role in the research.

Below you will find a number of TLX-related documents and publications, a number of which are available for you to download.

NASA TLX Research Publications
NASA TLX Chapter (PDF Format - 2.5MB)

- Hart, S. G. & Staveland, L. E. (1988) Development of NASA-TLX (Task Load Index): Results of empirical and theoretical research. In P. A. Hancock and N. Meshkati (Eds.) Human Mental Workload. Amsterdam: North Holland Press.

NASA TLX Update 2006 (PDF Format - 132KB)

- Hart, S. G. (2006). NASA-Task Load Index (NASA-TLX); 20 Years Later. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 50th Annual Meeting, 904-908. Santa Monica: HFES.
Miscellaneous NASA TLX Information
Complete TLX Publication List (Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Format- 136KB)

NASA TLX Paper and Pencil Package (PDF Format - 728KB)

NASA TLX iOS App User Guide (PDF Format - 1.4MB)
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