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The Advanced Controls and Displays Group has access to unique facilities at the NASA AMES Research Center. These facilities include:

The Advanced Controls and Displays (ACD) laboratory includes high fidelity visual, audio and haptic displays that may be used for rapid prototyping of multimodal user interfaces with state of the art system performance, i.e. latency, sensory asynchrony, dynamic range, etc. The laboratory has a number of virtual environment spatial motion sensing systems including three Polhemus FasTraks, an 8 receiver Ascension Extended Range Flock of Birds system, and an InterSense inertial tracker.

Image of 3D-Audio Laboratory Image of 3D Audio laboratory workstation

The ACD Lab also has a Kaiser SR80-ST, head-mounted display (HMD), an electronic haploscope (a see-through LCD HMD for augmented reality application), two Sony Glasstron HMDs, and a Virtual Technologies Cyberglove. These devices are driven at present by a state-of-the-art interactive 3-dimensional graphics computer system. The dynamic interactive simulation capabilities of the laboratory are recognized as the world's best.

Image of Virtual Haptic Interface Image of researcher wearting a virtual head-up display

The audio facilities include an integrated system of digital and analog audio equipment for generating, conditioning, and measuring speech. Haptic and vibration simulations are also facilitated in the laboratory. The support personnel of the ACD laboratory have implemented and tested advanced visual and auditory air traffic display concepts in operational as well as laboratory environments for over 20 years and have existing computational and other facilities for many applications.

Image of research associate looking through a virtual reality display Image of research associate wearing a virtual head-up display
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Brent Beutter
Last Updated: February 16, 2021