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The Human Systems Integrations Division's Advanced Controls and Displays Group supports NASA-mandated goals for Exploration and Aeronautics by identifying critical design issues for safe and effective interaction and communication between humans and systems.

The group's combination of engineering and human factors expertise allows for bottom-up and top-down formulation of solutions for the design of controls and displays.

This unique capability, combined with resources for rapid prototyping and evaluation, is applied to both NASA missions and to help customers in aerospace, defense, and homeland security.
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Extra-Vehicular Activity suit image
Performance Based Controls in Space Suits
Performance-based recommendations for flat panel displays and microphones for voice recognition in EVA space suits; demo at Desert RATS
Imag eif Steve Ellis fitting a VR helmet on a subject
Virtual Environment Interfaces
High fidelity virtual environment interface for orbiter inspection
Image of the Multi-Channel Helmet Cam
Multi-Channel Helmet Cam
Helmet CAM multi-channel audio/video communication command center (patent pending)
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ACD Research

ACD research provides quantitative assessments of both human and system performance in virtual environments (VE) and advanced display systems. Human and systems are measured in order to design environments to fit human performance specifications.

- Types of displays studied include haptic displays, virtual acoustic (3-D audio) displays, head-mounted displays (both immersive and see-through), and situation awareness displays.
- Application areas include terminal area air traffic control, teleoperation, manufacturing, and manipulative tasks.
- Areas of expertise include visual, auditory and proprioceptic performance, quantification of system performance, intelligent displays, acoustic modeling, and virtual controls.

ACD Technology

Patented technologies for auditory and haptic interfaces, aerospace navigation,visual display latency minimization and speech communication

ACD Facilities

Unique facilities at ARC include high dynamic fidelity virtual environment facility; rapid prototyping laboratory for developing new interfaces; Intelligent Spacecraft Interface Lab simulator; collapsed structure simulator
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Brent Beutter
Last Updated: April 29, 2022