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Below you will find a list of ACD personnel. To read a brief biography, or to see a list of the researcher's publications, please click on the links below:
Lab Personnel
Bernard D. Adelstein, Ph.D., Haptic interfaces, mulitmodal synchronization in virtual displays

Durand R. Begault, Ph.D., Auditory display, speech analysis, multimodal display integration

Joel D. Miller, M.A., SLAB Software Project Manager, Spatial Auditory Displays Lab

Mark R. Anderson, B.S., Software Engineer, Spatial Auditory Displays Lab

Lab Alumni
Stephen R. Ellis, Ph.D., Visual displays, virtual interfaces for training and telerobotics

Michael Hill, M.A., Senior Research Engineer, Stanford University

Martine Godfroy, Ph.D.

Mary Kaiser, Ph.D.

Barbara T. Sweet, Ph.D., Visual displays, flight controls, aerospace engineer

Robert B. Welch, Ph.D., Vestibular and multimodal research, human adaptation

Elizabeth Wenzel, Ph.D., Auditory displays, virtual acoustic environment, multimodal displays

Sean Young, Graduate Student, Stanford University
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NASA Official: Brent Beutter
Last Updated: April 29, 2022