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Work within the Advanced Controls and Displays group is focused on the research programs listed below. The results of individual research projects are sometimes applicable to one or more of NASA's larger research programs.
Current Projects
Architectural Concepts for Multimodal Interface Design

Performance in Haptic Virtual Environments with Visual Supplement

Perceptual Decomposition of Virtual Haptic Surfaces

Visual Performance and Fatigue in See-through Head-mounted Displays

VE Latency Reduction

Spatial Tracker Latency

AOS: Augmented Reality Airport Tower Displays

SLAB: Real-Time Virtual Acoustic Environment Rendering System

Developement of Head-Mounted Displays and Viewers

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Previous Projects
The Advanced Display and Manipulative Interface for Air Traffic Management

Effect of Head-Slaved Visual Image Roll on Spatial Situation Awareness

Dextrous underwater ROV SBIR project

Perceptual Impact of System Latency on Localization of Virtual Sounds

- Elizabeth Wenzel

Virtual Acoustic Enhancement of Traffic Collision Avoidance System Advisories
- Elizabeth Wenzel

High Fidelity Virtual Environments
- Stephen R. Ellis

The Impact of System Latency in Dynamic Virtual Acoustic Environments
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel

Virtual Modeling in Acoustic Environments
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel

Terminal Area Productivity (TAP) Program - Taxi Navigation and Situation Awareness (T-NASA) System: 3-D Audio Ground Collision Avoidance System (GCAS) & Navigation System
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel & Durand R. Begault

3-D Audio Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
- Durand R. Begault & Elizabeth M. Wenzel

Multiple Speech Communication Systems
- Durand R. Begault & Elizabeth M. Wenzel

The Role of Dynamic Information in Virtual Acoustic Display
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel & Durand R. Begault

Measurement of Personalized HRTFs
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel & Durand R. Begault

Localization in Reflective Environments
- Elizabeth M. Wenzel & Durand R. Begault

Human Performance in Coordinated Haptic-Visual Virtual Environments
- Bernard D. Adelstein & Stephen R. Ellis

Visual performance and fatigue in see-through head-mounted displays
- Stephen R. Ellis & Bernard D. Adelstein
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Last Updated: August 15, 2019