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  Taxi MiDAS

In this demonstration we looked at a 747 commercial airline as the application domain. This scenario was not geared towards solving a particular design problem. It was developed in support of a Cognitive Modeling Workshop held recently at NASA Ames Research Center, where the goal was to compare and contrast various approaches to modeling human performance. A pilot in a 747-400 on the ground completes the major tasks to be performed before takeoff including a pre-start checklist, waiting for a clearance message from air traffic control, starting the engines, diagnosing engine problems, and taxiing out to the runway.

The goal of this demonstration was to highlight the range of cognitive modeling capabilities of the MIDAS approach. Nearly all the available MIDAS elements are employed in this scenario, giving an overall feel for how the system works as a whole. The pilot's behavior in this scenario was captured from an examination of commercial airline checklist manuals and from actual runs of pilots through NASA's highly realistic 747-400 Simulator Cab.

POC- Greg Pisanich


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Taxi MIDAS (Click Image to preview - 1.1MB)

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