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  Overview - MIDAS
  MIDAS is a unique workstation-based simulation system developed by the U.S. Army, NASA, San Jose State University, Sterling Software/QSS/Perot Systems Inc. that contains models of human performance which can be used to evaluate candidate crew procedures, controls, and displays prior to more expensive and time consuming human subject experiments. Several aviation applications have demonstrated MIDAS' ability to highlight procedural or equipment constraints and produce human-system performance measures early in a platform's lifecycle.

MIDAS combines graphical equipment prototyping, a dynamic simulation, and human performance modeling with the aim to reduce design cycle time, support quantitative predictions of human-system effectiveness, and improve the design of crew stations and their associated operating procedures.

As an exploratory development program, the MIDAS software has progressed through five primary development phases, each culminating in detailed review demonstrations. Recent efforts have included expanding the depth and range of human performance models, and applying the emerging system to specific platforms and operational problems. While MIDAS fundamentally remains a research program to advance human performance modeling, considerable emphasis has been placed on usability, software standards, and collaborations with users.
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