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  Research team - MIDAS  

The MIDAS research team is a multi-disciplined workgroup with expertise in human performance modeling, software engineering, computational modeling, cognitive psychology, human factors engineering, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and computer graphics.
MIDAS Project Leaders:

David Foyle (Email: David.C.Foyle@nasa.gov)
Brian Gore (Email: bgore@mail.arc.nasa.gov)
Dr. Brian Gore is a Principal Investigator for San Jose State University in the Human Systems Integration Division at NASA Ames Research Center. Dr. Gore holds a PhD in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and has 17 years of Human Factors and Ergonomics research experience in the surface transportation and aerospace domains using human-in-the-loop simulation and computational modeling methodologies. Dr. Gore holds membership in a number of professional organizations and standards committees and has taken on elected and lead roles within these organizations (HFES, SAE, IEEE, AIAA, SIGMA Xi). Dr. Gore currently leads a number of research projects aimed at increasing the fidelity of human performance models, and at predicting human-system performance in the aerospace domain.

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